Are the brake wheels universal?

In general, industrial casters in the brake wheel can also be called universal wheel.

The main difference between a brake wheel and a universal wheel is that a brake wheel is a device that can be added to a universal wheel to catch the wheel, which allows the object to be immobile when he does not need to roll. Universal wheel is the so-called movable casters, its structure allows horizontal 360-degree rotation. Caster is a general term that includes movable casters and fixed casters. Fixed casters have no swivel structure and cannot rotate horizontally but only vertically. These two kinds of casters are generally used in conjunction with, for example, the structure of the cart is the front of the two fixed wheels, the back near the push handrail is two movable universal wheel.


The principle of industrial caster brakes is actually quite simple, and the basis of the physics involved is friction. And the so-called friction is a kind of resistance generated when objects contact each other, and this resistance can fix the objects in the same position. Therefore, if we need to brake industrial casters that are rolling, we need to increase the pressure between the contact object and the friction surface by increasing the friction force, so that it is enough to counteract the caster’s state of motion and cause it to stop rolling.

Brake casters can be divided into three types according to their function: brake wheel, brake direction, double brake (wheel and direction are braked)


The so-called brake wheel is to confine the wheel through the brake device, so that the wheel stops moving

Brake direction: the universal wheel can rotate 360°, turning the universal wheel into a directional wheel to keep it in a fixed direction.

Double brake: that is, both the wheel and the direction of the wheel are braked, with good fixing effect. A kind of double-brake universal caster with directional braking function includes a fixed seat plate, a fixed disk body, a roller ball, a wheel bracket and a wheel body.

The caster with brake can well control its steering and movement, and improve the performance of caster use.

Post time: Oct-30-2023