Why Choose Us


1. We use manganese steel material to manufacture casters, and are the pioneers of manganese steel casters. Manganese steel casters have the characteristics of labor saving, high strength, high wear resistance, and large load capacity.

2. Possess a large production capacity for orders.
We have 15 injection molding machines, 15 punching machines, 3 hydraulic presses, 2 dual station automatic welding machines, 3 single station welding machines, 5 automatic riveting machines, 8 continuous casting machine assembly lines and other automation equipment. And continuously update intelligent production equipment

3. The difference between Zhuoye manganese steel casters and traditional ordinary casters

The surface of our caster bracket adopts the spraying process, the anti-corrosion and anti-rust grade reaches 9, the traditional electroplating grade 5, galvanized only grade 3. Zhuo Ye manganese steel casters are more suitable for use in the harsh environment of wet, acid and alkaline

Our caster wave plate uses lithium molybdenum disulfide grease, which has strong adsorption, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and can still play a lubricating role in harsh environments.

The comparison between Zhuo Ye manganese steel casters and traditional common casters


4. Excellent product quality control.
A. Strict material selection and source quality control.
B. A professional production factory that strictly controls defect rates.
C. A dedicated quality control team.
D. Continuously updated experimental equipment, including salt spray testing machines, castor walking testing machines, castor impact resistance testing machines, etc.
E. All products are 100% manually inspected to minimize defect rates.
F. Certified to ISO9001, CE, and ROSH

5. Excellent product design and mold manufacturing capabilities.
We have professional product design and mold design, mold development and manufacturing engineers.

6. Professional business team with excellent service awareness.
The business team has years of experience in the castor industry, providing every customer with perfect product solutions. Provide high-quality after-sales service to solve customers' worries after receiving products.