What are industrial casters, and where is the difference between industrial casters and ordinary casters?

Industrial caster is a kind of wheel that can be used for industrial machinery and equipment, logistics equipment and so on. Compared with ordinary casters, industrial casters have the following differences.



First of all, industrial casters are usually required to withstand greater loads. Since industrial machinery and logistics equipment need to handle larger items, they need to use more powerful casters to support the weight. Typically, industrial casters can have a load capacity of several hundred kilograms or more. Ordinary casters, on the other hand, have a much smaller carrying capacity.

Secondly, industrial casters usually have better wear resistance and durability. Since industrial machinery and logistics equipment need to run for a long time, more durable casters are needed to minimize the number of repairs and replacements. Typically, the materials used for industrial casters are more wear-resistant and durable than those used for regular casters.


In addition, the design and manufacture of industrial casters requires a higher level of technology. Since industrial casters need to meet higher load and usage requirements, they require more precise design and manufacturing. Typically, the manufacturing of industrial casters requires the use of higher grade materials and more sophisticated machines.

The shapes and sizes of industrial casters also vary. Since industrial machinery and logistics equipment come in different shapes and sizes, casters of various shapes and sizes are used to suit different needs. In contrast, the shapes and sizes of ordinary casters are relatively fixed.



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Post time: Nov-06-2023