21A PU Heavy Duty Caster

Heavy duty casters are casters with large load capacity, according to the load capacity of the casters, relative to light casters, medium casters, etc. for classification, and there is no clear boundary, generally more than 250 kilograms of high load casters, known as heavy duty casters.


21A Ideal heavy duty caster wheel surface for the inner core of imported PP, outsourcing for the blue TPU material, with tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, resilient, shock absorption buffer, oil-resistant and other characteristics.

The 21A Ideal Heavy Duty Casters size size is available in four specifications, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″, which are suitable for factory trolleys, scaffolding, hand trucks, panel trucks and other handling vehicles.



x3 X6

As the best-selling heavy-duty casters, 21A series quality is perfect, wave plate grease adopts molybdenum disulfide lithium grease, longer life, good lubrication performance; surface spraying treatment, the appearance of the grade up to 8, far better than the traditional casters galvanized electrophoresis. Made of manganese steel with a two-year warranty.

Post time: Dec-15-2023